Latest ICP pressure sensor offers dynamic measurement for small spaces

19-12-2018 | PCB | Test & Measurement

PCB Piezotronics has launched its smallest ICP piezoelectric, pressure sensor with integral lead wires. The Model 105C pressure sensor is as sturdy as the company's larger sensors but compact enough to fit into small spaces that have tight clearances. The small size and stiffness of a quartz-sensing element produce a very high resonant frequency (>250kHz) for high-quality measurements where other piezoelectric pressure sensors cannot fit or survive.

The overall length was decreased by 48% over models with connectors, enabling it to be installed into strategic locations where unsteady pressure fluctuations and cavitation occur. Examples of this include around impellers, propellers, or fluid jets. Providing dynamic measurement from full vacuum to 100psi (690kPa), it also has applications in wind tunnels with proper thermal protection.

Further applications could include ship propellers and control surfaces, aeroplane and spacecraft scale modelling, and h
ydraulic and fluid media controls.

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