X-ray tool able to solve difficult problems

27-12-2018 | Nordson Sonoscan | Test & Measurement

Nordson recently acquired Sonoscan, whereby a Nordson DAGE X-ray tool was recently added to the C-SAM acoustic micro imaging tools supplied by Nordson Sonoscan.

Clients bring their difficult problems to the SonoLab. X-ray images are generated by transmitting X-rays through the specimen and identifying the shadow image it casts. Higher density materials such as solder cast a darker shadow while lower density regions such as voids cast a lighter shadow, making it simple to see characteristics such as voiding. Scattering of X-rays is typically not observed.

Ultrasound is partially reflected and partially transmitted at interfaces between most materials but is nearly totally reflected by the air-to-solid interface at voids and other gaps, and there is no transmission, even if the void or gap is hardly a fraction of a micron thick. This feature of ultrasound makes imaging thin delaminations simple, even in samples containing dense metals.

The wires in devices scatter ultrasound and make imaging challenging, but X-ray’s higher resolution draws out the details.

The capacity to move samples between the two side-by-side and complementary non-destructive tools has already demonstrated superior results for the company customers.

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