Fibre optic connectors for aviation and defence applications

18-12-2018 | Mouser Electronics | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Mouser is now shipping fibre optic connectors from Amphenol Fiber Systems International. Created for use in harsh environments, the fibre optic connectors from the company can endure extreme temperatures and are excellent for aerospace and defence applications. Constructed with precision alignment and components, the company’s fibre optic connectors provide excellent optical performance in a wide range of temperature and vibration conditions.

These fibre optic connectors are intended to meet the rigorous standards and specifications demanded for use in defence applications. The ARINC 801 cylindrical fibre optic connectors are qualified to the commercial ARINC 801 specification for use in aircraft networks and avionics. The connectors are offered in standard D38999 plug and receptacle shells and can endure vibration levels of up to 300GRMS. Inserts are available to allow high-density arrangements of up to 32 channels.

The company’s NGCON series provides high-density packaging and genderless fibre optic termini. Compliant with the MIL-STD-64266 defence standard, the fibre optic connectors provide 500 cycles of multimode and single-mode durability. The versatile connectors feature M28876 coupling threads and D38999 rear accessory threads, plus a removable alignment sleeve retainer for simplified maintenance.

The company's fibre optic connectors are perfect for a broad range of harsh environment, defence, and aerospace applications including defence radar, avionics, naval communications, railways, and land tactical communications.

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