Negative voltage drivers optimised for high-performance AlGaAs and HMIC PIN diode switches

27-12-2018 | MACOM | Power

MACOM Technology Solutions has launched two new negative voltage drivers intended for use with a wide range of the company's AlGaAs and HMIC PIN diode switches. The new MADR-011020 and MADR-011022 drivers allow integration that complements the industry-leading performance of MACOM’s advanced PIN diodes, providing designers with layout-efficient and cost-effective solutions while eliminating the design complexities and time to market constraints imposed by discrete componentry.

The MADR-011020 allows back bias voltage selection between -20V and -50V and provides up to 50mA sinking and sourcing bias current for medium power SPDT switches, while the MADR-011022 provides between -10V and -25V with up to 25mA sinking bias current and 20mA sourcing for use with low power SPDT switches. These compact 4mm, 16-lead PQFN packaged drivers feature built-in power sequencers, removing the need for external power sequencing, and can be simply controlled with standard TTL logic. Achievable switching speeds range from sub-50ns (MADR-011020) to sub-80ns (MADR-011022).

“Designers count on MACOM to provide the highest-performing PIN diode switches available in the industry leveraging our proprietary AlGaAs and HMIC technologies,” said Graham Board, senior director of product marketing, MACOM. “The new drivers introduced today are worthy complements, comprising a complete solution that makes it exceptionally easy for designers to architect and evaluate their RF switch designs.”

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