Fibre optic media converter product line meet needs of long-distance data transmission

05-12-2018 | Advantech | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Advantech has extended their fibre optic media converter product range with the new models EKI-2541ML, EKI-2541SL, EKI-2741ML, EKI-2741SL and EKI-2741FL.

The new fibre optic media converters are suitable for users looking to meet ongoing demands with minimal costs and effort.

With the capability to connect two dissimilar media types, these new media converters are easy to install enabling networks to be commissioned quickly. The series of media converters offer cost benefits by integrating fibre infrastructure and copper equipment, an excellent solution for 'fibre to building' applications for central offices or local sites.

Typical applications include power and energy, transportation (ITS), machine and control automation, building automation and factory automation.

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