PMIC provides power management for AMIC110 and AMIC120 processors

27-11-2018 | Mouser Electronics | Power

Texas Instruments TPS65216 PMIC is a single chip IC especially created to give power management for all the functionalities of the AMIC110 and AMIC120 processors. The DC-DC converters DCDC1 through DCDC4 are meant to power the core, MPU, DDR memory, and 3.3V analog and I/O, respectively. LDO1 gives the 1.8V analog and I/O for the processor. GPIO2 provides for a warm reset of the DCDC1 and DCDC2 converters. The I2C interface permits the user to enable and disable all voltage regulators, the load switch, and GPIOs. Also, UVLO and supervisor voltage thresholds, power-up sequence, and power-down sequence can be programmed through I2C. Interrupts for overcurrent, overtemperature, and undervoltage can be monitored as well. The supervisor monitors DCDC1 through DCDC4 and LDO1. The supervisor has two settings, one for typical undervoltage tolerance (STRICT = 0b), and one for tight undervoltage and overvoltage tolerances (STRICT = 1b). A power-good signal indicates the proper regulation of the five voltage regulators.

Application applications include industrial automation, ePOS, test and measurement, personal navigation, industrial communications, backplane I/O, and connected industrial drives.

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