Tap wire splice connector offers simple push-button termination

21-11-2018 | RS Components | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Available now from RS Components is the Scotchlok UB2A tap splice connector which is used for tapping into another conductor without interrupting service. This tap splice provides a factory-installed sealant to defend against corrosion and seal out moisture. Inside the splice connector are U-shaped IDC contacts that remove the requirement to pre-strip the wires and give a reliable electrical connection. The unique pre-crimp hallmark of this UB2A splice connector provides time-saving by holding the wires in place until the splice is concluded. A thin membrane moulded into the tap wire entry port also helps secure the tap wire until the crimp is completed.

These gel-filled splice connectors are extensively used in the telecoms industry and other fine wire applications. Available in ready access closures this splice connector is an alternative to cutting cable pairs, opening circuits and piecing out wires. This tap splice connector accepts a wire size range of 19AWG to 26AWG and can connect wires of different gauges.

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