Temperature indicators offer overtemperature protection to USB Type-C plugs

22-11-2018 | Mouser Electronics | Test & Measurement

Mouser is now stocking setP temperature indicators from Littelfuse. Created for the expanding USB Type-C market, setP surface mount temperature indicators help defend against overheating in USB Type-C plugs and chargers with captive Type-C cables.

These temperature indicators combine overcurrent and over temperature protection into one package. Combining these protection technologies substitutes the need to use both current limiting switches and PPTC devices.

Offered in a compact, 2mm x 1.2mm (0805) SMD package, the indicators are a discrete solution that is independent of power, providing a sensitive sensing temp of 100C. The series provides an easy drop-in solution to current designs, defending systems with power 100W or higher without contributing to IR loss.

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