Low-cost programmer/debugger for Microchip MCUs

10-10-2018 | RS Components | Test & Measurement

RS Components has introduced the Microchip MPLAB Snap in-circuit debugger/programmer, which enables fast, easy debugging and programming of most Microchip PIC, AVR and SAM flash MCUs — including 32-bit devices — and dsPIC DSCs. For projects that do not need high-voltage programming or advanced debugging, the device is a highly affordable package providing all the entry-level options electronic designers require to debug their prototypes quickly.

The device uses the graphical user interface of the MPLAB X IDE, version 5.05 or later. It connects to a computer using a 480Mbps USB 2.0 interface and to the target MCU via an eight-pin SIL connector. Two device I/O pins and the reset line are utilised to implement in-circuit debugging and Microchip ICSP. The device’s onboard 32-bit 300MHz SAM E70 MCU, based on an Arm Cortex-M7 core, matches the clocking speed of the target device, so programming is as fast as the device will allow.

The debugger system uses the target MCU’s built-in self-test circuitry rather than a dedicated debugger chip. Features of the device are available interactively and can be set and changed via the MPLAB X GUI. Applications can be debugged in real time at full target MCU speed.

The device supports advanced interface standards including four-wire JTAG and SWD while remaining backward compatible with demo boards, headers and target systems using two-wire JTAG and ICSP.

The device is powered through its Micro-B USB interface, with no external power required. The target device voltage range is 1.20V to 5.5V, sufficient to support a wide variety of devices.

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