Combined ultra-low-power, edge-based AI and IoT in secure platform

01-10-2018 | Mouser Electronics | New Technologies

Mouser is now shipping the QueSSence Intelligent Connected Platform from Redpine Signals. QueSSence is an ultra-low-power, edge-based AI application development platform that comprises of hardware, software and secure cloud technologies.

The platform merges AI and IoT technologies to enable engineers to develop AI applications. Based on a low-power Arm Cortex-M4 processor with an FPU and an AI accelerator, the platform features large computation capacity needed by AI algorithms. The platform’s six-axis accelerometer and gyroscope allow engineers to easily integrate sensor data, and with 400Kbytes of RAM and up to 4Mbytes of dedicated flash memory, the platform can store up to 25,000 sensor values. Support for VAD and up to eight capacitive touch sensor inputs allow AI applications that include voice and touch interfaces.

The platform can assist a broad range of IoT applications through certified support for many wireless protocols, which includes 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi, dual-mode Bluetooth 5, 802.15.4 (capable of running Thread or Zigbee), and 802.11ah. The platform allows many levels of security, including PUF, crypto hardware accelerators and secure bootloader to create a highly secure system.

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