Lightweight, space-saving connector features reverse fix options

28-09-2018 | Harwin | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Harwin has significantly increased the scope of its Gecko Screw-Lok (Gecko-SL) 1.25mm pitch connector solutions. These devices are mainly aimed at avionics, space, defence and autosport deployment.

To give engineers greater design flexibility, and guarantee that mating procedures are made as easy as possible, a reverse fix orientation is now available for the robust and reliable stainless steel screw-loks included in each Gecko-SL. The male connectors serve as floating fixings and screw into the female connectors.

The connector is available on both male and female cable housings. The female connectors can be employed in a panel-mount arrangement, with a threaded stud positioned on the rear of the screw-lok. Slotted nuts and hexagonal nuts are both available separately. Surface mount and through-board PCB versions of the male and female connectors are also offered, with the threaded stud on the female connectors for board mount strain relief.

Ben Green, head of new business development at Harwin, explained: “The incredibly positive reception that we’ve had from the market for Gecko-SL over the last 18 months has driven us to further expand the portfolio so that we can address even more opportunities for this compact, highly resilient connectivity solution. By providing Gecko-SL connectors with cable assemblies, customers won’t have to concern themselves with the engineering challenges of adding the accompanying cabling themselves – such as tooling, training staff, testing, establishing processes and suchlike – as it is all done for them,” he continues. “Furthermore, the reverse fix versions also added mean that engineers can specify the mating characteristics that best suits their application demands.”

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