Compact, surface-mount IR LED emitter ensures dependable detector response

28-08-2018 | TT Electronics | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

TT Electronics has a new compact, infrared LED emitter with what is claimed to be the industry’s largest spot diameter of 7mm for super-reliable optical sensing and position encoder applications.

Offering up to 10mW total radiated power at the maximum drive current of 100mA, and 2.25-degree angle of half intensity, the OP207CL couples optical flux remarkably efficiently onto the receiving photo-sensor to secure clearly detectable on/off transitions. The integrated collimating lens produces a tight beam profile for use with accuracy-dependent devices such as linear or radial encoders for absolute or incremental measurement, as well as edge detectors, scanners, long-range light curtains, and general optical sensing and switching.

Giving a wide operating temperature range of -40C to 105C, the devices can withstand demanding environments in a broad range of applications including safety systems, robotics, industrial automation, security detectors, or other equipment needing reliable position, proximity, or motion sensing.

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