New series of automotive-qualified aluminium electrolytic capacitors

31-07-2018 | Panasonic | Passives

Panasonic Industry Europe has a new series of automotive-qualified aluminium electrolytic capacitors profiting from extremely high ripple current (two to 2.5 times higher than current FC series products) and large capacitance values (up to 60% higher than current series products). The FP series radial lead type devices also highlight a high endurance of 4000h up to 5000h at 105C. Further technical details of FP series capacitors include an operating temperature range of -55°C up to +105°C, a rated voltage of 25VDC up to 35VDC, a capacitance range of 510µF up to 2000µF, and a capacitance tolerance of ±20% (120Hz/+20°C). FP series devices are fully RoHS compliant and AECQ-200 compliant. Mustafa Khan, product marketing manager capacitors at Panasonic comments: “It has been while since we last released a new product in this category, in fact six years, so we are happy to augment our THT portfolio for the automotive market which is a key growth area in Europe.”

By Electropages Admin