Euroquartz – Ultra-low power, fast start-up high shock resistance oscillator range

05-07-2018 | Euroquartz | Passives

Euroquartz has launched a new range of oscillators from Statek Inc. providing ultra-low power, fast start-up and high shock resistance characteristics in a surface-mount package, sized at only 3.2mm x 1.5mm x 0.95mm.

The CXOLHG offers frequency output of 32.768kHz and reaches typical low power consumption of 1µA at 3.3V supply voltage. This is similar with a tuning fork design whilst fast start-up time of 3ms typical, and it's tight frequency stability are as good as those achievable with AT-cut crystal designs. The new device is also able to withstand shocks of up to 30,000g and above, significantly greater than that attained by tuning fork designs.

The new oscillators are hermetically sealed in four-pad housings and not sensitive to moisture. The maximum process temperature is 260C for 20 seconds. There are two Enable/Disable options available: E which stops oscillation when the output is put into the high Z state and N which does not have enable/disable pad connected internally.

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