Low power humidity and temperature digital sensor for battery-operated systems

08-06-2018 | Texas Instruments | Test & Measurement

The Texas Instruments HDC2080 device is an integrated humidity and temperature sensor that gives high accuracy measurements with low power consumption in a small DFN package. The capacitive-based sensor incorporates new combined digital features and a heating element to disperse condensation and moisture. The device's digital features include programmable interrupt thresholds to give alerts and system wake-ups without needing a microcontroller continuously monitoring the system. Coupled with programmable sampling intervals, a low power consumption, and support for a 1.8V supply voltage, the device is intended for battery-operated systems.

The device offers high accuracy measurement capability for a broad range of environmental monitoring and IoT applications including smart thermostats and smart home assistants. For designs where the PCB area is critical, a smaller CSP package choice is available.

For applications needing strict power-budget restrictions, Auto Measurement Mode allows the device to automatically start temperature and humidity measurements. This option lets users configure a microcontroller into deep sleep mode because the device is no longer reliant upon the microcontroller to initiate a measurement.

Programmable temperature and humidity thresholds in the device let the device send a hardware interrupt to wake up the microcontroller when required. Also, the power consumption of the device is reduced, which helps to minimise self-heating and improve measurement accuracy.

The device is factory-calibrated to 0.2C temperature accuracy and 2% relative humidity accuracy.

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