New IGBTs deliver excellent efficiency with soft switching

13-06-2018 | ROHM Semiconductor | Power

ROHM has two new types of 650V IGBTs that join class-leading low conduction loss with high-speed switching characteristics. This makes them perfect for power conversion in general-purpose inverters and converters for consumer appliances, such as ACs and IH (Induction Heaters), industrial equipment, which includes welding machines, power conditioners, and UPS. There are 21 models offered, which consists of the RGTV series, featuring short-circuit tolerance, and the RGW series providing fast switching speed.

The company has utilised thin wafer technology and a proprietary structure to deliver class-leading performance that optimises the trade-off association between conduction loss and switching speed. An example is when used in an interleaved PFC circuit, efficiency is increased by 1.2% at light loads and 0.3% under heavy loads, which contributes to lower application power consumption. Also, optimising the internal design allowed ROHM to achieve smooth switching characteristics that decrease voltage overshoot by 50% compared to products with equivalent efficiency, reducing the number of parts required along with design load.

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