FRAM is an alternative to battery-powered SRAM

28-06-2018 | Fujitsu | Semiconductors

Fujitsu has a new FRAM product with a storage density of 8Mbit. The MB85R8M2T is especially ideal for use in financial logging systems and industrial automation, where high data throughput is demanded, and the integrity of the data is vital.

The new product is furnished with an SRAM compatible parallel interface, providing a more efficient alternative to battery backup SRAM. Based on the unique features of FRAM as a non-volatile memory, such as fast overwrite at 150ns and read/write endurance of 1013, the device can succeed an SRAM and remove the backup battery at the same time. As a result, manufacturers can realise a more compact hardware system and a saving in component and maintenance cost coupled with a commitment to long-term product availability. The device provides a broad voltage range from 1.8V to 3.6V. It is available in a 48-pin FBGA package measuring 8mm x 6mm.

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