Silicon carbide FETs deliver high-performance upgrade path

30-05-2018 | UnitedSiC | Power

Designers of PFCs, Active Frontend Rectifiers, LLC converters and Phase Shift Full Bridge converters are now able to upgrade existing system performance by using the new UnitedSiC UJ3C1200 series of SiC JFET cascodes. With a voltage rating of 1200V and ON-resistances of 80 and 40milliohms, these devices offer a ‘drop-in’ replacement answer for many existing IGBT, Si-MOSFET and SiC-MOSFET parts, with no change to gate drive circuitry. This makes design upgrades simpler and offers an alternative-purchasing source for current parts.

Applications include PFC stages, active frontend rectifiers, LLC converters and phase shift full bridge converters where improvements to efficiency and/or power density are needed. End-uses include on-board EV chargers, battery charging for forklifts, PV inverters, welding and more.

PCIM 2018, ECOMAL Europe booth, 7-406

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