Low capacitance TVS diodes protect high-speed interfaces in automotive applications

25-05-2018 | Bourns | Passives

Bourns offers a new TVS diodes series featuring low capacitance of 3pF (picofarads) making them ideal protection devices for the high-speed interfaces located in today's automotive, communication line and industrial applications. The Bourns Model CDSOD323-TxxC-DSLQ TVS diodes also offer the company's lowest TVS diode leakage current of 1nA. This is important as IoT sensors, vehicle sub-systems such as entertainment and comfort equipment have limited run-time defined by the battery. Using low leakage protection devices has the advantage of helping to better power efficiency and extend run-times. The series provides ±30kV contact discharge ESD protection per IEC 61000-4-2 and surge protection per IEC 61000-4-5. These features are designed to better the reliability and improve application robustness against damage from ESD and other transient voltage events. The new TVS diodes are offered in a SOD323 package with bidirectional TVS offering superior protection particularly for communication lines.

By Craig Dyball