Industrial poke-home connector available without a wire stop

11-04-2018 | AVX | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

AVX Corporation has released what is claimed to be the first industrial poke-home connector available without a wire stop. The new 2.5mm poke-home contact is the latest addition to its 70-9296 Series STRIPT insulator-less, single-position, horizontal, poke-home contacts and combines a low profile with a range of compatible wire gauges: 20-26AWG solid and stranded wire, and is the first in the series to offer variants both with and without a wire stop.

Designed for use in solid-state lighting (SSL), sensor, smart grid, industrial machine control, security system, building control, and other ruggedized, space-constrained board-to-board, module-to-module, and wire-to-board applications, both versions of the new 2.5mm 70-9296 Series poke-home contact feature a closed, dual-beam, high-spring-force, box contact design with fatigue-resistant, robust, phosphor bronze contact beams and an integral centering guide, ensuring proper positioning and providing maximum mechanical stability and wire/pin retention strength. Also, the variant without a wire stop allows traditional pin jumpers to pass through the back of the contact unrestricted, rather than halting their travel at the back of an insulator, effectively absorbing variable PCB and module mating tolerances in linear board-to-board applications.

"Our portfolio of single-position poke-home contacts is available in a wider range of sizes that accept a broader range of solid and stranded wire than every competing poke-home connector currently available on the market, and is the first to offer a contact without a wire stop for effective tolerance absorption and manufacturing relief in ruggedized, space-constrained SSL and industrial applications," said Tom Anderson, product manager at AVX. "The most capable competing contacts currently accept a maximum of 22AWG, while our industry-leading offering extends up to 20AWG. Many competing contacts are also taller and don't accept stranded wire without tinning, like ours do, and none of them currently offer a 2.5mm profile or a version without a wire stop."

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