Global distribution agreement with capacitive touch experts

19-03-2018 | Mouser Electronics | Design Applications

Mouser has signed a global distribution agreement with Cirque Corporation to provide Cirque’s GlidePoint circle trackpads. As one of the original developers of capacitive touch technology, the company is an innovative and experienced provider of touch input solutions for applications such as augmented and virtual reality controllers, desktop keyboards, game controllers, industrial controls, and medical devices. The company’s high-precision circle trackpads are customisable modules supporting different input modes and are configured to work with either I2C or SPI host interface. The trackpads’ circular shape enables engineers to supplement or replace an analogue stick or directional pad in new or existing designs. The trackpads are reinforced by the company's proven capacitive touch controller system-on-chip, delivering a customisable, low-power solution that is easy to implement and ideal for battery-powered devices. The trackpads are available in three sizes: the 40mm × 40mm TM040040, 35mm × 35mm TM035035, and 23mm × 23mm TM023023. Each module offers multiple overlay options; the TM023023 unit is available with no overlay or flat overlay, while the two larger units are offered with no overlay, flat overlay, curved overlay, or adhesive overlay. The trackpads are supported by the Circle Trackpad Development Kit, offered with either a curved or flat overlay. Featuring an Arduino-compatible Teensy 3.2 module and pre-mounted connectors for attachment to the circle trackpads, the kit provides everything needed to start a product design featuring GlidePoint trackpads.

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