New switchable crystal oscillators offering frequency a la carte and low phase jitter

28-02-2018 | Euroquartz | Passives

Euroquartz has launched a new range of switchable crystal oscillators giving users the ability to provide four different frequencies. The new QuikXO HC_JF series oscillators are available in frequencies from 15 to 2100MHz with a choice of outputs including LVCMOS (up to 250MHz), LVPECL, LVDS and CML differential. High current steering logic (HCSL) differential outputs are available for frequencies up to 700MHz. Integrated phase jitter performance of 150fs maximum makes these crystal oscillators particularly suitable for high-frequency applications.

The oscillators are available at low cost and can be delivered in days for prototypes with a choice of supply voltages - 1.8V, 2.5V or 3.3V - across the range apart from LVPECL with 2.5V and 3.3V only. Customers can select any four frequencies in the range, and the oscillator can switch to each as required, useful in frequency bus distribution applications on multi-processor boards where several frequencies are required for the different processors. The four chosen frequencies can all be synchronised from the single crystal oscillator instead of trying to sequence multiple clocks to achieve switching in of the various processors.

RoHS compliant, the crystal oscillators are housed in industry standard eight-pad, 7mm x 5mm surface mount packages capable of withstanding 260C for 10 seconds, twice. Storage temperature range is -55C to +155C.

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