Range extended to give quality and choice to more customers around the globe

31-01-2018 | RS Components | Design Applications

RS Components and Allied Electronics & Automation have expanded the RS Pro product portfolio and extended its reach to more clients around the world. They now offer over 50,000 high-quality, competitively priced products and components, they are now available globally to engineers and professionals across a broad spectrum of industries.

The portfolio has added more than 5,000 new products in the past year. This expansion will continue with around 500 new products being introduced every month.

Commenting on Tata Steel’s use of RS Pro, Rob Choat, electrical engineer, said: “The advantage of using RS Pro is that we have maintained the quality of the products but vastly reduced the cost, while also having access to a really good range of products, which gives us more choice. This helps me because it is much easier to get requisition orders through when you can show the savings you are making – it makes my job much easier!”

Kurt Colehower, president RS Pro, stated: “Working closely with our customers is our number one priority. Choice and quality are the key assets, which is why we are continuing to grow the portfolio at pace with dependable products, and extend its global availability. No other private label brand in our industry provides the breadth and depth of our product range.”

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