Expanded series features ultra-low ohmic shunt resistors for automotive and industrial applications

26-01-2018 | ROHM Semiconductor | Passives

With its PSR100 series, ROHM now has a significantly more compact version of its PSR series. These ultra-low ohmic shunt resistors have a high-power capability that are suited to current measurement in industrial and automotive applications.

The new resistors, based on a high-performance metal alloy as the resistive element, highlight superior temperature coefficients (TCR) from ±50ppm to ±150ppm. Thanks to the company's innovative precision welding technology, they produce a high rated power of 3W together with an ultra-compact form factor of 6.35mm x 3.05mm. Their resistance range covers 0.3mOhm to 3.0mOhm. The resistance tolerance is specified with F (±1%). The operating temperature range is –55C to +170C.

The series is an ideal solution for automotive and industrial applications as well as many other areas with high requirements regarding performance and size. For example, these include electronic compressors, onboard chargers and EPS in motor vehicles in addition to UPS and base stations.

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