New 256Mb high-speed CMOS SDRAMs offered in the 54-pin TSOP II package

19-01-2018 | Alliance Memory | Semiconductors

Alliance Memory has extended its offering of 256Mb high-speed CMOS SDRAMs with new x4 devices and x8 in the 54-pin 400-mil plastic TSOP II package. "Alliance Memory is the market's SDRAM leader, offering the broadest product lineup of any vendor, with densities from 16Mb to 512Mb in a wide range of configurations and packages," said TJ Mueller, vice president of marketing at Alliance Memory. "We are excited to add these new 256Mb devices to our portfolio, which complement our existing x16 and x32 parts." The devices feature fast access time from clock down to 5.4ns and clock rates to 166MHz, and they are available in commercial (0C to +70C) and industrial (-40C to +85C) operating temperature ranges. The SDRAMs offer programmable read or write burst lengths of one, two, four, eight, or full page, with a burst termination option. An auto pre-charge function gives a self-timed row pre-charge initiated at the end of the burst sequence. Easy-to-use refresh functions include auto or self-refresh, while a programmable mode register enables the system to select the most suitable modes to maximise performance.

By Electropages Admin