Dual-mode battery charge ICs is fully compatible with the latest charging technologies

28-12-2017 | ROHM Semiconductor | Power

ROHM offers the availability of dual-input boost-buck charging ICs that support one to four battery cells for notebook PCs, smartphones, and power banks and is fully compatible with the latest charging technologies such as wireless and USB Power Delivery (USB PD).

The BD99954GW/MUV generates a charging voltage from 2.56V to 19.2V for one to four cells through boost-buck control. Also, the industry's first dual-input charging system automatically switches charging operation without the need of an MCU by using a built-in charging adapter function. And the device is compatible with the USB PD and USB BC 1.2 standards. This facilitates configuration of dual-mode systems capable of simultaneous charging via USB PD, or from an AC adapter.

In response, combining proprietary semiconductor technologies allowed ROHM to meet these needs and develop dual-input charging ICs that support both USBPD and 5V inputs in a single package.

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