High-performance transceiver has integrated MCU, flash memory and sensor interface

02-11-2017 | Mouser Electronics | Semiconductors

Maxim Integrated MAX7037 Sub-1GHz Ultralow-Power RF ISM Transceiver is a high-performance quad-band multichannel transceiver with an integrated 8051 microcontroller, flash memory, and sensor interface. It is available now from Mouser. The device has a 2.1V minimum supply voltage to extend battery life and allow different energy sources to be used like solar cells, electromechanical, or thermoelectrical energy. The transceiver features hardware implemented transmit-and-receive routines in combination with an MCU. This enables a high-efficiency transceiver system for wireless fail-safe multiband/multichannel communication with advanced FSK and ASK protocol features. Sleep modes allow easy implementation of low-power applications with fast reaction times.

By Electropages Admin