Dev boards deliver Arm/FPGA capabilities in an entry-level platform

07-11-2017 | Mouser Electronics | Development Boards

Mouser nows stocks the Zybo Z7 development boards from Digilent. The latest addition to the popular Zybo platform of Arm®/FPGA SoCs, the board is a feature-rich, ready-to-use, entry-level embedded software and digital circuit development platform for a wide range of applications, including robotics, embedded architecture, medical equipment, server-backhaul products, ADAS, and embedded vision. The development boards are based on the Xilinx Z-7010 (Zybo Z7-10 board) and Z-7020 (Zybo Z7-20) AP SoCs architecture, which integrates a dual-core Arm Cortex-A9 processor with Xilinx 7-series FPGA logic. When coupled with its rich set of multimedia and connectivity peripherals, the development boards offer designers a flexible, cost-effective alternative so they can leverage the massive processing power and extensibility of the Zynq AP SoC architecture. The Zybo Z7-20 has an internal FPGA that is three times larger than the Z7-10’s, which translates into additional features due to the extra FPGA pins. It also includes a heat sink for the additional FPGA resources. Both boards include a voucher for the SDSoC toolset, which provides a familiar embedded C/C++ application development experience. Both the Z7-10 and Z7-20 also come equipped with a rich set of multimedia and connectivity peripherals to create an impressive single-board computer that is perfect for embedded circuit development. The video-capable feature set includes a MIPI CSI-2 compatible Pcam connector, HDMI input, HDMI output and high DDR3L bandwidth. In addition, six Digilent Pmod connectors on the boards enable access to their catalog of Pmod peripheral modules, which include motor controllers, displays, and sensors.

By Electropages Admin