Open source software-based big data analytics technology to increase speed by up to 100 times

16-11-2017 | Hitachi | Design Applications

Hitachi has developed technology increasing the speed of big data analytics on an open source software Hadoop-based distributed data processing platform (Hadoop platform) by a maximum of 100 times that of a conventional system.

This technology converts data processing procedure generated for software processing in conventional Hadoop data processing, to that optimized for parallel processing on hardware, to enable high-speed processing of various types of data in FPGA. As a result, less number of servers will be needed when conducting high-speed big data analytics, thus minimizing IT investment while enabling interactive analytics by data scientists, quick on-site business decision making, and other timely information services.

This technology will be applied to areas such as finance and communication, and through verification tests, will be used to support a platform for data analytics service.

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