New high-speed CANbus protectors for automotive and industrial applications

01-11-2017 | Bourns | Semiconductors

Bourns released a new high-speed AEC-Q101-qualified CAN protector. The company designed its latest surge protection device to protect against damage from transient voltage events such as ESD, interruption of inductive loads or lightning strikes. Ensuring reliable high-speed communications transmission in harsh environments helps systems developers improve reliability in a broad range of automotive and industrial applications that include control networks, SDS, DeviceNet and factory and process automation systems. The Model CDSOT23-T24CAN-Q (transient voltage suppression) diode array features a dual bidirectional TVS for protecting both lines of a single CAN interface. It offers a minimum breakdown voltage of 26.2V making it an optimal choice for transceivers with internal circuitry to protect against 24V power supply miswiring. Meeting important international standards, Their new high-speed CANbus protectors provide ±30kV contact discharge ESD protection per IEC 61000-4-2 and 500V surge protection per IEC 61000-4-5 (Level 1). It comes in a SOT-23 package, and its compact size eases layout in space-constrained PCB designs while ensuring compliance with stringent EMI requirements.

By Craig Dyball