New trimming potentiometers offer lower CRV and improved linearity for sensitive microprocessor designs

02-10-2017 | Bourns | Passives

Bourns offer high reliability precision Trimpot trimming potentiometers that provide more accurate linearity, lower CRV and can be customized to a customer's exact requirements. Based on the company's continued innovation, they designed its new precision Trimpot products for use with microprocessors or in applications where precise adjustment is needed. Newer circuit designs that incorporate microcontrollers are more sensitive to noise. In order to read all output correctly, tighter linearity and less noise have become critical requirements when precise, accurate design adjustment settings are needed. The company’s new generation of precision Trimpot products offer a more consistent ratio of output (electrical reading) to input (mechanical rotation) to meet strict linearity requirements. Their lower CRV means less noise that results in fewer output errors. Designers also gain the ability to offer faster operator and machine adjustments to the target resistance while providing a more consistent output curve.

By Craig Dyball