Innovative line of volume, space-saving GDT devices feature large flat top surface and lighter weight

20-10-2017 | Bourns | Passives

Bourns has expanded its standard-setting line of volume and space saving FLAT GDT surge arrestors. The Model 2018 Series FLAT GDT is a three-electrode device that delivers a low profile solution for high density and height-restricted PCB-based applications. The new series is lighter weight with a 50% height reduction compared to their standard 8mm GDTs. The company designed this latest series as a surface mount device with a large top flat surface, making it ideal for vacuum head pickup in today's high-speed pick and place manufacturing. The device is an ITU K.12 Class III device rated at 20kA¹ on an 8/20µs waveform. The series is offered with DC breakdown voltages ranging from 90V to 500V and features an innovative flat design that reduces the height of the GDT from a typical 8mm to a low profile of 3.5mm. "Besides saving valuable PCB space, these new three-electrode FLAT GDT devices help to reduce component count in space-constrained designs. The series provides the ability to protect both Line to Ground and Line to Line with a single Model 2018 FLAT GDT, which previously required two GDTs," said Kurt Wattelet, product line manager at Bourns. "As a three-electrode GDT, transverse voltage limiting performance is enhanced with the ability to share a common center electrode designed to allow both sides of the GDT to turn on quickly resulting in balanced operation."