Innovative research and development strength is recognized

31-10-2017 | Apacer | Design Applications

The Apacer Technology has celebrated its 20th anniversary and been awarded the 26th Taiwan Excellence award for the 9th consecutive time. This year’s contest included 578 participating companies, with 1209 products submitted. By virtue of the company’s R&D strength and fully-optimised user experience, six products receive the Award, giving recognition to the performance of their in storage applications. The company proved its expertise in digital memory and capability to invent and better serve user needs, optimizing experiences with superior performance.

The company strives to reinvent and make breakthroughs; its strength is developed and proven in a wide array of fields, including embedded industry, gaming, mobility, and defence-grade products. The inventions that received the award this year include PM110-25 PCIe SSD, SV250-7 Multi-Power Path power technology, COMMANDO series DDR4 and PT920 PCIe SSD, ASMini Portable Mini SSD, and mil-spec portable hard drives AC630/AC631, and AC632.

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