High-Speed simultaneous-sampling ADC ideal for industrial automation and control applications

01-08-2017 | Texas Instruments | Power

The Texas Instruments ADS8578S device is an eight-channel, integrated DAQ system based on a 14-bit SAR ADC. All input channels are simultaneously sampled to achieve a maximum throughput of 200kSPS per channel. The device features a complete analog front-end for each channel, including a PGA with high input impedance of 1Mohm, input clamp, low-pass filter, and an ADC input driver. The device also features a low-drift, precision reference with a buffer to drive the ADC. A flexible digital interface supporting serial, parallel, and parallel byte communication enables the device to be used with a variety of host controllers. The device can be configured to accept ±10V or ±5V true bipolar inputs using a single 5V supply. The high input impedance allows direct connection with sensors and transformers, thus eliminating the need for external driver circuits. The high performance and accuracy, along with zero-latency conversions offered by this device, also make the device a great choice for many industrial automation and control applications.

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