High-performance, wideband PLL with integrated VCOs can generate wide frequency range without an internal doubler

04-08-2017 | Texas Instruments | Semiconductors

The Texas Instruments LMX2594 is a high-performance, wideband PLL with integrated VCOs that can generate any frequency from 10MHz to 15GHz without using an internal doubler, thus eliminating the need for sub-harmonic filters. The high performance PLL with figure of merit of –236dBc/Hz and high phase detector frequency can attain very low in-band noise and integrated jitter. The high speed N-divider has no pre-divider, thus significantly reducing the amplitude and number of spurs. There is also a programmable input multiplier to mitigate integer boundary spurs.

The device allows users to synchronize the output of multiple devices and also enables applications that need deterministic delay between input and output. A frequency ramp generator can synthesize up to two segments of ramp in an automatic ramp generation option or a manual option for maximum flexibility. The fast calibration algorithm allows changing frequencies faster than 20µs. The device adds support for generating or repeating SYSREF (compliant to JESD204B standard) making it an ideal low-noise clock source for high-speed data converters. Fine delay adjustment (9ps resolution) is provided in this configuration to account for delay differences of board traces.

The output drivers within the device delivers output power as high as 7dBm at 15GHz carrier frequency. The device runs from a single 3.3V supply and has integrated LDOs that eliminate the need for on-board low noise LDOs.

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