Ultra-low power PMICs increase battery life and efficiency for wearables

04-08-2017 | Mouser Electronics | Power

Mouser now stocks the MAX77650 and MAX77651 PMICs from Maxim Integrated. These ultra-small, ultra-low-power PMICs integrate voltage regulators with a charger and current regulators to reduce external component count when designing small lithium-ion battery-operated products. These PMICs offer a flexible and configurable power management solution in a compact total size of 28mm × 28mm. The devices achieve the small size through a SIMO buck-boost regulator that offers three independently programmable power rails. For design flexibility, the device operates up to 3.3V and operates up to 5V. Both products include an analog multiplexer output for safe battery monitoring, making them ideal for low-power designs. The devices offer a standby current of just 0.3µA and an operating current of only 5.6µA when all three SIMO channels and the LDO regulator are enabled. The devices’ wide array of programmable options makes them ideal for many battery-powered devices, such as Bluetooth-enabled headsets, fitness monitors, portable devices and IoT nodes.