New global agreement delivers a portfolio of solutions for robotics

16-08-2017 | Mouser Electronics | Design Applications

Mouser has entered into a global distribution agreement with ROBOTIS, a developer and manufacturer of modular robotics and specialized smart servos, industrial actuators, manipulators, open-source humanoid platforms and robotic development solutions. The company’s portfolio includes controllers, servos, and accessories that support professional robot developers who design multi-jointed robots for DIY, education, industry, and research sectors. ROBOTIS OpenCM9.04 open-source controllers run on an STMicroelectronics STM32 F1 microcontroller with a 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 core. The controllers incorporate the OpenCM IDE, cross-platform software based on ROS and C/C++ that allows developers to easily program the controllers. Their technology takes advantage of the latest technical advances in SBCs, depth sensors, and 3D-printing technology in the robotics community. The company’s DYNAMIXEL smart actuator system is also being stocked. The system is a series of modular devices for creating and connecting powerful and flexible robotic joints. These devices are high-performance actuators with a fully integrated DC motor, reduction gearhead, controller, driver, and network in a single servo module actuator. The programmable and networkable devices allow developers to read and monitor actuator status through a data packet stream and enables solutions based on intelligent actuator feedback.


By Electropages Admin