Controller enables device-to-device authentication for safer USB power delivery ecosystem

01-06-2017 | Renesas | Power

Renesas Electronics has a new R9J02G012 USB Power Delivery (USB PD) controller intended for use in a wide range of USB PD products employing direct current (DC) power including AC adapters, PCs, smartphones, other consumer and office equipment, and toys. The device is claimed to be the industry’s first single package solution that supports both USB PD Rev. 3.0 and USB Type-C Authentication Rev 1.0, which enables device-to-device authentication.

As a long-time supporting member and a board member for USB Implementers Forum, the company has adopted all three standards. The new device is a flexible, small-package USB PD controller for USB Type-C port control on any USB PD devices. All connecting ports to these USB PD devices with the controller will be able to electronically verify and trust its authenticity based on the certificates and PKI defined in the USB Type-C Authentication specification. This mechanism allows system manufacturers to implement policies to examine the genuine origin of the connected PD devices such as cables and chargers before a high-power charging of (e.g., 20V at 3A) is executed.

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