Superior security capabilities leveraged on most advanced programmable security FPGAs

07-06-2017 | MicroSemi | Semiconductors

Microsemi Corporation has announced Intrinsic ID’s static random-access memory (SRAM) physical unclonable function (SRAM PUF) is included in their new PolarFire FPGAs. QUIDDIKEY-FLEX is a state-of-the-art high-security key generation and storage mechanism offering advanced security features based on SRAM PUF. The SRAM PUF hardware serves as a primary element in the security of the company’s PolarFire FPGAs, protecting customers’ IP by providing confidentiality of the IP and protecting it against cloning and reverse engineering. In addition, it provides secure supply chain assurance for FPGAs and ultimately users’ systems, and can secure end applications such as secure communications relying on cryptography. The FPGAs are ideal as the root of trust in a customer system, with QUIDDIKEY-FLEX’s hardware-intrinsic keys providing an essential trust anchor for the device and system. The PUF is also used to protect a new sNVM service where the FPGA customer can optionally store application keys and other sensitive data in authenticated or encrypted-and-authenticated form. “Microsemi’s PolarFire FPGAs represent the industry’s most advanced programmable security FPGAs and our collaboration with Intrinsic ID to implement its QUIDDIKEY-FLEX SRAM-PUF has enabled us to further serve the demanding security needs of our growing FPGA customer base,” said Bruce Weyer, vice president and business unit manager at Microsemi. “Today’s applications are not only expected to meet high performance requirements but to do so securely, protecting both application designs and data. PolarFire FPGAs provide a solid, secure foundation for a wide range of these challenging applications.”

By Electropages Admin