Lightweight microwave cables can be easily field terminated

01-06-2017 | HUBER+SUHNER | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Huber+Suhner has announced the Eacon family of field terminated microwave cables designed specifically for applications in the aerospace, defence and industrial sectors. Eacon cables are robust, lightweight and suitable for frequencies up to 18GHz and, once terminated, their assemblies feature both extremely low losses and excellent return losses and are watertight to IP68.

Other key features include ease of installation, a small bending radius and, importantly, no abrupt phase change over temperature for increased system accuracy. According to the company, this also allows for stable system performance over multiple temperature cycles.

These connectors comprise just two components and when used with their installation kit, the field assembly of a high-performance microwave connection is both easy and fast. Also, the option of retrofitting the connectors allows installation of the cable in the narrowest of cable ducts as well as precision cutting of the cable to length on site. This provides significant advantages during installation in cramped spaces or when retrofitting microwave components.

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