System frequency inverter provides a complete solution for medium voltage applications

22-05-2017 | Weg Electronics | Power

WEG presents the new MVW3000 series of variable speed drives for voltages from 2.3kV to 8kV and power levels from 280kW to 2,400kW. This device family is built with multilevel technology and cascaded H bridges (CHB). The multilevel topology is based on the series connection of three to ten low voltage (690V) power modules with IGBT output inverters in H-bridge configuration, depending on the output voltage. That makes it possible to achieve voltage levels in the medium voltage range using proven standard low voltage components (diodes, IGBTs and plastic film capacitors) in a cost-effective manner. As a special feature, the MVW3000 is supplied as a complete system integrated into a switchgear cabinet, including medium voltage isolator, fuses, multilevel feed transformer and frequency inverter.

“The present voltage and power range is only the first stage in the product evolution. Higher voltages and power levels are already available upon request”, says Johannes Schwenger, head of product management Low Voltage and Medium Voltage Drive Systems Europe at WEG. “The MVW3000 is a high-performance all-in-one solution which eliminates the need for additional medium voltage switchgear. This variable speed drive system features outstanding input and output parameters, energy efficiency and high availability, along with easy maintenance, modularity, and gentle motor handling. That makes this variable speed drive system the ideal complement for all commercially available medium voltage motors and the perfect choice for retrofit projects thanks to its virtually sinusoidal inverter output voltage.”

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