Cost-effective, rotary coded switch range has wide operating temperature range

30-01-2017 | Foremost | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Foremost Electronics has announced the availability of the Elma C15 Rotary Coded Switch range. The multifunction switch is intended for cost sensitive applications where space is critical and is particularly suitable for frequency and channel selection in two way radios, portable appliances, instrumentation and similar miniaturised mobile applications. The switch offers users exceptional switching ‘feel’ and provides designers with a reliable HMI device delivering consistent torque over its long life time. Key features of the range include a body size just 7.7mm x 9.35mm x 11.1mm, operating lifetime of 15,000 switching cycles, operating temperature range from -30C to +60C, 16 positions gray coding, shorting switching mode, up to 3Ncm switching torque, tray or tape and reel packaging and THT suitable for reflow soldering. Users can specify custom shaft dimensions and shape. The rotary coded switch has switching options of 16 positions with 20 degree indexing and end-stop or 16 positions with 22.5 degree indexing with endless rotating shaft. Alan Cook, managing director of Foremost Electronics, comments, “Elma is a long established manufacturer of high quality switching products. Their new miniature rotary encoder is a very flexible and reliable control device for handheld and portable devices and will find many commercial and industrial applications.”

By Electropages Admin