Easy-to-use prototyping for battery-powered monitoring and controlling devices

28-11-2016 | Nordic | Development Boards

Nordic Automation Systems has released their first Arduino compatible open-source hardware LoRa development board - Badgerboard. Just a few months ago the company decided to bring the low power wide area network called LoRaWAN to Estonia. “After this everything happened fast. We needed to test our ideas and validate theories which lead to our first LoRaWAN development board. We created the Badgerboard so everybody could afford to test different LoRaWAN applications without the need to buy expensive ready-to-use products”, says Sven Kautlenbach - the software engineer of Badgerboard. The device is an Arduino compatible LoRaWAN development kit, that can be easily extended to a prototype or even a small batch product. The development board has a battery charger and antenna connector on board.

By Electropages Admin