World’s smallest 40W AC/DC open-frame power supply

14-10-2016 | XP | Power

The ECF40 series of single-output 40W ultra-compact AC/DC power supplies has been introduced by XP Power. The open-frame convection-cooled units are capable of delivering the full output power of 40W without the need for any external forced air flow up to +50C. Believed to be the smallest 40W open-frame power supply available on the global market, the ECF40 measures just 76.2mm x 38.1mm x 28mm and suits a wide range of applications in the healthcare, industrial and technology sectors, across an operating temperature range from - 40C to + 70C. The footprint space required in the end system with the ECF40 is around 44% smaller than competing products with a standard 2 x 4 inch size, and 25% smaller than the current smallest product on the market. The range comprises six models providing all the popular nominal output voltages from +12 to +48VDC. The voltage on all models can be manually trimmed +/-10% via a user accessible potentiometer on the supply. The series consumes less than 0.15W during no load conditions helping designers ensure their end product can comply with the most recent energy efficiency standards. In addition, with a high typical efficiency of 90% or higher, the very flat efficiency curve ensures that the ECF40 consumes less energy than other similar supplies available on the market and runs cooler, helping maintaining overall product reliability. The ECF40 series is certified to the ITE IEC/UL/EN 60950-1 and IEC/EN60601-1 / ANSI/AMMI ES60601-1 3rd edition medical safety standards, feature 4000 VAC input to output isolation, two AC line fuses, a maximum of 250µA leakage current and provide two means of patient protection (2 MOPP). The units operate at full power over a 90-264VAC input range, and down to 80 VAC with minimal derating. Models comply with Class B conducted EMC specification without the need for any additional external filtering components, says the company.

By Electropages Admin