Jumper cables give secure, low profile, high density space saving board to board connections

03-10-2016 | RS Components | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Available from RS Components the Wurth WR-FFC series Type 2 0.5mm pitch flat flexible (FFC) jumper cables achieves secure, lightweight, low profile, high density space saving board to board connections. These jumper cables are lightweight and have a high flexibility rating with a flexing test of 180 degrees >20 times. The increased flexibility of these cables enables complex board to board connections to be made in compact and difficult to reach applications. The contacts of the Type 1 FFC cables are on the opposite side at each end of the cable. A blue PET support tape at either end of the FFC cable helps facilitate ZIF or LIF connections when mated with board mount FPC connectors. This series of jumper cables provide low cost, space saving connections in various high-flex, high density board to board applications across various industries. They are particularly suitable for providing electrical connections between PCBs and display boards. Applications include LCD appliances plasma display panels printers, scanners, DVD players and Notebook PCs.

By Electropages Admin