Compact high-performance 750MHz low-pass integrated thin-film filter

11-10-2016 | AVX | Passives

A new 750MHz 0805 size high-performance, low-pass integrated thin-film (ITF) surface-mount filter has been introduced by AVX. The device exhibits low insertion loss and extremely sharp roll-off in high frequency wireless applications spanning 746MHz - 756MHz, including: mobile communications systems, microcell and picocell base stations, satellite TV receivers, global positioning systems (GPS), vehicle location systems, and wireless large area networks (LANs). Based on thin-film multilayer technology, the 750MHz LP Series filter delivers exceptional high-frequency performance, and features an ultra miniature 0805 chip size with a rugged construction for reliable automatic assembly. "Wireless systems engineers rely on advanced electronic components, like our 0805 LP Series filters, to achieve the smaller, slimmer, and more functional designs that the market demands," said Larry Eisenberger, principal technical marketing engineer, AVX. "Our new 750MHz high performance, low pass ITF filter provides these engineers with peak performance and top quality in an ultra miniature 0805 chip size especially designed for the smaller and more crowded PCBs that enable next-generation wireless electronics." Measuring just 2.03mm x 1.55mm x 1.02mm (L x W x H ±0.1mm), the low-profile filter is rated for 4W continuous power, and operating and storage temperatures spanning -40C to +85C. Featuring characteristic impedance of 50ohm and nickel/lead-free-solder (Sn100) coated terminations compatible with automatic soldering technologies (reflow, wave soldering, vapor phase, and manual), the RoHS compliant LP Series filters are 100% tested for electrical parameters and both visual and mechanical characteristics, and are shipped on tape and reel, says the company.

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