Capacitor-free, LDO regulator for automotive, navigation and camera applications

06-09-2016 | Texas Instruments | Power

The TLV733P-Q1 family of Texas Instruments’ LDO linear regulators are ultra-small, low quiescent current LDOs that can source 300mA with good line and load transient performance. These devices provide a typical accuracy of 1%. The family is designed with a modern capacitor-free architecture to ensure stability without an input or output capacitor. The removal of the output capacitor allows for a very small solution size, and can eliminate inrush current at startup. Furthermore, the family is also stable with ceramic output capacitors if an output capacitor is necessary. They also provides foldback current control during device power-up and enabling if an output capacitor is used. This functionality is especially important in battery-operated devices. They provides an active pulldown circuit to quickly discharge output loads when disabled. The family is available in the 6-pin DRV (WSON) package.

By Electropages Admin