Versatile multi-output power management IC

22-09-2016 | Allegro | Power

Allegro MicroSystems Europe has announced a new power management IC that can be configured as a buck or buck-boost pre-regulator to efficiently convert automotive battery voltages into a tightly regulated intermediate voltage complete with control, diagnostics, and protections. The output of the A4413 supplies both a 5V, 75mA maximum high-voltage protected low drop-out (LDO) regulator for remote sensors, and a 0.8 to 3.3 V, 800 mA maximum adjustable synchronous buck regulator (ADJ). Designed to supply microprocessor power supplies in high-temperature environments, the device is ideal for under-hood and other automotive applications. The device can be enabled by its logic-level input (ENB) or its high-voltage input (ENBAT). Diagnostic outputs from the new device include a power-on-reset output with a 2ms rising delay to monitor the synchronous buck, a power OK output to monitor the 5V LDO, and an ENBAT status output (ENBATS). Dual bandgaps - one for regulation and one for fault detection - improve long-term reliability of the A4413. The product also contains a pulse-width window watchdog (PWWD) timer that can be programmed to detect pulse widths from 1ms to 2ms. The watchdog timer has an activation delay that scales with the pulse-width setting to accommodate processor start-up. The tolerance of the watchdog’s window can be set to ±8%, ±13%, or ±18% using the WD pin. The watchdog timer has an active-low enable pin (WDENn) to facilitate initial factory programming or field re-flash programming. Protection features include under- and over-voltage lockout on both output supply rails. In case of a shorted output, the LDO regulator features fold-back over-current protection. In addition, the 5V output is protected from a short-to-battery event. Both switching regulators include pulse-by-pulse current limit, hiccup mode short-circuit protection, LX (regulator output switching node) short-circuit protection to provide protection to the IC from damage in the case of accidental short-circuit from LX pins, missing asynchronous diode protection (VREG only), and thermal shutdown (TSD). The A4413 is supplied in a low-profile 32-lead, 5mm × 5mm, 0.5mm pitch QFN package (suffix 'ET') with exposed thermal pad.

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