Combining passive NFC interface and a contact I2C interfaces with a non-volatile memory

03-06-2016 | Mouser Electronics | Semiconductors

Mouser now stocks the NT3H2x11 NTAG I2C plus family of connected near-field communication (NFC) tags from NXPR Semiconductors. The family is the latest development of NXP NFC tags, combining a passive NFC interface and a contact I2C interfaces together with a non-volatile memory. Designed to enable NFC in home-automation and consumer applications, these feature-packed, next-generation connected NFC tags allow design engineers to quickly add "tap-and-connect" communications to any electronic device.

The family ICs consist of EEPROM, SRAM, NFC interface, digital control unit, power management and energy harvesting unit, and an I2C slave interface. Energy and data are transferred via an antenna con, which is directly connected to the NTAG I2C plus IC. The ICs offer zero-power capabilities, password protection, full memory access configuration from both interfaces, and an originality signature for protection against cloning. When operating in energy-harvesting mode, the NTAG I2C plus ICs can supply external low-power devices (such as microcontrollers) with the energy generated from the RF field of the external NFC device.

Delivering four times' higher data transfer performance than previous versions, this second generation of NXP's connected tag technology maintains full backward compatibility with first-generation NTAG I2C products, providing a cost-effective choice for integrating NFC capabilities into any embedded system. The integration is supported by an all-in-one Explorer kit that includes a ready-to-use demonstration board with LCD display, antenna board with RF and I2C interfaces, and comprehensive evaluation tools for all device functionalities.

They are ideal for a variety of connected applications, including IoT nodes, home entertainment accessories, wearables, fitness and medical equipment, and smart meters.

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