Solid tantalum capacitors deliver higher capacitance compared other SMT types

22-04-2016 | New Yorker Electronics | Passives

Vishay’s T58 vPolyTan solid tantalum SMT capacitors are now available from New Yorker Electronics. The T58 vPolyTan series parts are lead-frameless moulded polymer type capacitors with low ESR. They are available in six case codes including 0603 and 0805 footprints.

Because of its construction, the Vishay lead-frameless package offers higher capacitance density. The tantalum capacitor series delivers higher capacitance as compared to other SMT capacitors. At up to 47µF, 6.3V for 0603 case size, it is the industry’s highest capacitance density.

Another notable feature is volumetric efficiency – the T58 offers a 10% improvement in space utilization over competing facedown or undertab technology. At a height of 0.9mm and a 0805 case size, it is the smallest and lowest profile polymer tantalum capacitor in the industry. This allows for reduced end product design sizes. It also features a top-rated ESR with 200mohm (0603 case size), says the company.

Typical applications include decoupling, smoothing, filtering, bulk energy storage in wireless cards, infrastructure equipment, storage and networking, computer motherboards, smartphones and tablets, audio and instrumentation amplifiers, industrial PCs and controls, home automation and RF amplifiers.

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